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The popular solution for those who want to hide their identity

The need for the formation of digital competence is now obvious because digital technologies play a decisive role in communication and educational processes. The article examines the main reasons for bitcoin blender usage, which is an integral attribute of cryptocurrency anonymity.

What are Bitcoin blenders?

Over the last decade, a unique situation of dialectical contradiction has developed: a generation is growing up that knows how to handle various gadgets from an early age while being taught this generation is those who grew up in the classical education system without constant access to the Internet and without social networks.

Bitcoin blenders are special anonymization services that make it as difficult as possible to track transactions in the Bitcoin network. In turn, bitcoin blenders have become the answer to deanonymization and are a popular solution for people who want to hide their identity and remain incognito.

The digital specialty in bitcoin blenders is the price of collecting all your special data, and savings on the Internet, for the help of which you can establish your specialty. Information about you is often highly detailed, including:

  • Your joke story.
  • Your online purchases.
  • Your online accounts.

The main principle of Bitcoin blenders’ working

Bitcoin does not lose its popularity in our time – it is actively developing; today, we can observe its absolute evolution; it breaks all records, and this is in the hands of certain people.

In most cases, Bitcoin blenders work simply: the user sends their cryptocurrency to the mixer, where it is crushed into small pieces and then randomly mixed with the coins of other clients. Ultimately, the specified amount comes to a given wallet but in small batches from different randomly selected participants. In fact, not the same cryptocurrency that was sent is returned back, and its history is already very difficult to track – it is so confusing now.

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